Monthly Archives: November 2006

News As Entertainment

A new study by the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation says that most Americans — 65 percent of them — choose local television news as their top source of news and information. That’s more than twice as many people who said that local newspapers (28 percent) or network news… More

The Play of Ideas

When a city decides what to do with its public spaces, it’s better to entertain lots of ideas — to play with designs, to encourage competition, to let a thousand potential flowers bloom — than to close down the process and outsource imagination to developers and bureaucrats. That’s the idea… More

Your FCC at Work

When the Third Circuit of the US Court of Appeals threw out the FCC’s revision of the rules governing media ownership, it said that the FCC needed way better empirical evidence to base its ownership formulas on. The FCC’s own studies were widely criticized as inadequate, and media watchers have… More