Monthly Archives: December 2009

Taking TV Online

With the Comcast/NBC merger on the horizon, Hollywood has been abuzz about how all this is going to affect the beleaguered TV industry. Now that the biggest Internet and mobile-phone provider in the U.S. is buying a vast vat of premium TV and film properties, will audiences finally be able to watch what… More

Generational Divides: How Deeply Do Women Differ?

Last year, Zogby International and the Norman Lear Center surveyed 1,637 American women about their political beliefs and their media, entertainment and leisure preferences. Looking through the data, we realized that there were some stark differences among women of different ages. Not only do they gravitate toward different media and… More

True Words + Well Spoken = Lives Saved

Thirty years ago, Lear Center director Marty Kaplan was chief speechwriter for then-Vice President Walter Mondale  when Vietnam began forcing hundreds of thousands of its merchant-class families to flee the country, most often in  small, unseaworthy boats. The Carter-Mondale administration asked the U.N. for a special refugees conference in Geneva… More