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At the Lear Center, we’ve long been intrigued by the idea of a museum of entertainment. No, not some place with weathered props and stars in wax, but an online, comprehensive survey of everything that human beings have considered entertaining. Big idea. This museum could give us a much clearer… More

Social Media Spoils Appointment Television

Most Americans learned that the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team beat Russia in real-time when commentator Al Michaels emphatically screamed “Do you believe in miracles?” The victory was arguably the best moment in U.S. Olympic history and people all over the country cheered in unison. If that same epic moment were to happen… More

The Social Media President?

Behind Ashton Kutcher’s and Brittany Spears’ Twitter feeds, President Barack Obama’s is the fourth most popular feed, with more than 3 million followers. Is it any wonder, for a candidate who made social media a pillar of his successful bid for the presidency? It also made his admission last November… More