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Entertainment? Education? Entercation? Edutainment?

Scott McGibbon is a Project Specialist at the Lear Center. “I’m dancing all over the place.” Beyoncé describing her new show? A Dancing with the Stars hopeful? Not quite: This is a Pennsylvania middle-school teacher, in a recent New York Times article, describing his attempts to keep his students engaged… More

Reopening the Glass Closet

Adam Amel Rogers is a Project Specialist at the Norman Lear Center. Are famous gay people better off than they were five years ago?  In September 2007, the Lear Center convened a lively roundtable of experts to discuss the Hollywood climate for gay and lesbian entertainers. The discussion analyzed the… More

Social Networking Sites “Like” the 2012 Election

Veronica Jauriqui is Special Projects Manager at the Norman Lear Center. That ranty Facebook friend? You know, the one whose incessant political tirades you find just a tad offensive? Maybe you just think he’s unpleasant. Or you’ve considered the ultimate death knell of the “unfriend” button. It turns out your… More

Media In Our Image

I was delighted when the editors of Women’s Studies Quarterlyasked me to submit a piece to them about social media and gender. They had seen my TEDWomen talk on the same topic and suspected (correctly) that I’d be interested in pursuing those themes in print. They made another request as… More

Improve & Creativity at TEDxUSC

I’m really proud to be on the board of advisers for TEDxUSC, the site of the first TEDx in the world (there have been about 4,000 of them since). Videos from this year’s event are just starting to trickle out: Doug Thomas, from the USC Annenberg School, gave a stand-out… More

Don’t Know Much About History

The reason that our financial system isn’t going to crash and burn again, the reason that taxpayers won’t have to fork over another trillion dollars of no-strings-attached bailout money, is — well, I forget. I haven’t forgotten the reason, because there isn’t any. What I’ve forgotten is that there is… More

Look at Clouds from Both Sides Now

Scott McGibbon is Project Specialist at the Lear Center. As so much of our lives – medical charts, business enterprises, financial records, personal photos and videos – moves “up there,” it seems like a good time to take a clear-eyed view of “the cloud.” A new report from Greenpeace, How… More

Rock Me Like… an Art Museum?

Veronica Jauriqui is Special Projects Manager at the Norman Lear Center.   The LACMA Rock and a case study in museums and online engagement I’ll admit it. I caught Rock Fever. It was the same mania that possessed large swaths of Los Angeles County just a few weeks ago, compelling… More

Entertainment’s War on Bullying

Adam Amel Rogers is a Project Specialist at the Norman Lear Center. Our nation’s young people are living in a war zone. School bullying is at epidemic levels, educators largely lack resources to intervene and cyberbullying ensures that the tormenting continues well after the school bell rings. No one has… More

Not So Super: Reading the Super Bowl Ads

I had a great time this fall working with video artist Kenzo Digital to identify zeitgeist-defining ads for the TED Ads Worth Spreading initiative. I think ads have a tremendous power to shape cultural dialogue and so it’s worth our while to take a critical look at them and see… More