Monthly Archives: February 2013

Inside TED: A Rare Glimpse Behind the Curtain

Monday is sort of a ramp-up day at TED, but this year the highlight for me was Inside TED, a glimpse into the machinations of a unique organization that’s trying to figure out how to spread ideas that are stalled or stuck in some way – perhaps they’re trapped in… More

How Do You Measure the Impact of TED?

Not only do I get to go to TED this year (hooray!) but I also had the great pleasure of participating in a truly brain-tingling workshop whose goal was to help TED figure out how to better facilitate the spread of breakthrough ideas. Of course everybody (and their mother) is… More

The Gay Jackie Robinson Will Apparently Be White

Adam Amel Rogers is a Project Specialist at the Lear Center. For what seems like a lifetime, those who follow gay issues in sports have been addressing the same tiresome series of questions: “Is America ready for an openly gay athlete in one of the four major team sports?” “When… More