American Idol or Dancing With the Stars

UntitledIf you watched the CNN Republican presidential primary debate, you saw moderator John King ask the candidates what he called “this or that” questions.

Conan or Leno? Rick Santorum said he didn’t watch either, but when pressed picked Leno.

Elvis or Johnny Cash? Michele Bachmann said both, but noted that she had Elvis’s Christmas album on her iPod.

Newt Gingrich had no trouble picking American Idol over Dancing With the Stars.

Ron Paul picked BlackBerry over the iPhone.

Pop culture preferences correlate in an interesting way with political beliefs. That’s what the Lear Center found when we looked at a poll that Zogby took into the field for us during the last presidential season. Red voters have different tastes in entertainment than blue voters, and purple voters are a fairly distinct group on their own.

I’d love to know how today’s deep red voters — compared to merely red — would answer some of John King’s questions. Elvis or Johnny Cash? Talk about splitting hairs…

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