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Enemies of the People? Hollywood Doesn’t Help!

A favorite scene from one of my favorite films happens midway through the 1996 horror flick Scream. Moments after being attacked by the serial killer Ghostface, Sidney Prescott (played by Neve Campbell) is attacked again. This time it’s by the bright lights of a television camera crew as she’s confronted… More

Did OJ Change Anything?

Twenty-plus years later and the O.J. Simpson murder case continues to shock and fascinate us. As if you didn’t think there was anything more to learn, a pairing of television offerings this year retold the story in both dramatic and documentary form. FX’s outstanding 10-part “People vs. OJ Simpson: American… More

The Conscious Uncoupling of Cable TV

It’s a good time to be a cord cutter. First HBO, then CBS announced plans to offer stand-alone streaming services to those without cable subscriptions. It was called a watershed moment for cable TV and sent a strong signal that the mythical a-la-carte model for the industry was a real… More

Social Networking Sites “Like” the 2012 Election

Veronica Jauriqui is Special Projects Manager at the Norman Lear Center. That ranty Facebook friend? You know, the one whose incessant political tirades you find just a tad offensive? Maybe you just think he’s unpleasant. Or you’ve considered the ultimate death knell of the “unfriend” button. It turns out your… More

Rock Me Like… an Art Museum?

Veronica Jauriqui is Special Projects Manager at the Norman Lear Center.   The LACMA Rock and a case study in museums and online engagement I’ll admit it. I caught Rock Fever. It was the same mania that possessed large swaths of Los Angeles County just a few weeks ago, compelling… More


Veronica Jauriqui is Special Projects Manager at the Norman Lear Center.  The White House called it a historic day if for no other reason than it was the first time we saw a live tweet from a sitting American president. Barack Obama himself tapped out a 140-character message to launch… More

The Social Media President?

Behind Ashton Kutcher’s and Brittany Spears’ Twitter feeds, President Barack Obama’s is the fourth most popular feed, with more than 3 million followers. Is it any wonder, for a candidate who made social media a pillar of his successful bid for the presidency? It also made his admission last November… More

Brand Lands

BrandSpace, led by USC Annenberg Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser, is an interdisciplinary project that examines the way in which new practices, imaginations and politics are being created within the parameters of commercial brand culture. It’s what you drive, what you eat and what you wear. Is it any wonder that soon… More