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Michael J. Copps and the Comcast Catast

Scott McGibbon is a Project Specialist at the Lear Center.   The ongoing challenges to corrupt oligarchies in the Middle East have shaken the world and reminded Americans how powerful the pull of liberty and democracy can be anywhere. These echoes of our own revolutionary history flood our TV and… More

Good as Gold?

Norman Lear, whose TV screen cred goes back to the beginning of the medium as well as encompassing his own landmark shows, has said on more than one occasion he believes the Golden Age of television is right now, not during the heyday of his shows All in the Family and Maude nor… More

On my recent L.A.-bound vacation, I took the time to check out a Web site I’d had my eye on for months:, a supremely cool, online collaborative media-making venture started by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It seems to have reached a happy and coherent critical mass lately (I was a… More

It’s the Pictures that Got Small

At the second annual Producer Guild’s “Produced By” conference last month, veteran television and movie producer Marshall Herskovitz expressed deep concern that the headlong push of content to every new platform by media conglomerates could end up reducing the value of that content and cheapen the audience experience. Days later,… More


At the Lear Center, we’ve long been intrigued by the idea of a museum of entertainment. No, not some place with weathered props and stars in wax, but an online, comprehensive survey of everything that human beings have considered entertaining. Big idea. This museum could give us a much clearer… More

True Words + Well Spoken = Lives Saved

Thirty years ago, Lear Center director Marty Kaplan was chief speechwriter for then-Vice President Walter Mondale  when Vietnam began forcing hundreds of thousands of its merchant-class families to flee the country, most often in  small, unseaworthy boats. The Carter-Mondale administration asked the U.N. for a special refugees conference in Geneva… More