The Rise of Sopranos Criminology

The past several years have witnessed a renewed interest in The Sopranos, the HBO series that inaugurated the era of prestige television. In September 2021, a New York Times headline announced that “Every Young Person” was watching the series. Although the show concluded in 2008, Warner Media reported that viewership… More

Narratives as a tool: shifting mindsets at scale

This piece has been cross-posted from the Behavior Insights Group’s webpage. To read the original post, please visit their website.   In 2015, the USA Network show Royal Pains featured a brief storyline about a transitioning transgender teen and the challenges she faced. The episode aired during a period of… More

What can fashion teach the news industry?

Remember my talk, Lessons from Fashion’s Free Culture? Well, a Fellow at Harvard’s Nieman Center, Tomer Ovadia, interviewed me recently about what lessons the news industry might learn from the fashion industry. We discussed the many surprising parallels between the two and where the future might lead. Listen to… More

Why Charitable Giving and Philanthropy Matter Today

Charitable giving and philanthropy are as important today as ever. In the midst of the pandemic and national reckoning with racial injustice, Americans from all backgrounds are giving in different and important ways. Understanding these trends, how they are shifting and how media can and does influence the discourse is… More

The Suicide Epidemic Is A Symptom Of Our Sick Body Politic

This originally appeared in the Forward and is republished with permission. I would love to believe in petitionary prayer. Especially when life and death are at stake, a God who hears my supplications would be deeply reassuring. Despite my skepticism, I never pass up a chance in shul to say… More

Trust #PlaidShirtGuy To End Trump’s Nightmare Reign

This originally appeared in the Forward and is republished with permission. I was wondering if I was reading too much into the near-convergence of Sen. John McCain’s funeral; Labor Day, the traditional kickoff of the campaign season; and Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish holidays of repentance and renewal.… More