Design Patents & the Future of Fashion

I had to attend the Struktur conference vicariously this year, but I had the great fortune of attending this creative summit for active, outdoor and urban design last year. The organizers had approached me because of my talk on the lack of copyright protection in the fashion industry. It… More

Johanna Blakley: Overcoming “Development Fatigue”

How can we translate awareness into action? If you’re a regular news consumer in the United States you might get the impression that world is going to hell. Especially when it comes to international news, you’ve probably recoiled from the grizzly headlines and wondered how on earth, in the 21st… More

How to Tragedy

This is what you do when it all goes to hell again. You casually turn the television on while the coffee water boils, but the news punches you in the gut and takes your breath away. You instantly revise the whole history of the world in order to make the… More

Johanna Blakley: Technologies and Taste

I had a wonderful conversation with Katina Michael, professor of Information Systems and Technology at the University of Wollongong, and Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. She wanted to have a chat about my forthcoming article on “Technologies of Taste,” which explores the social impact of recommendation engines. But the… More

Attention Must Be Paid (Except to Climate Change)

This is from a news story on Thursday: “We are not saying this is definitely going to happen. But there’s a danger, and it should receive a lot more attention.” What danger? Sez who? I’ll get back to that. But check out the last word in that quote first. I… More

What’s New Media Good For Anyway?

How can media producers and funders get on the same page about the social impact of projects developed for emerging platforms? That’s the question that has animated my research as a senior fellow at the Media Impact project, and in April I travelled to LA to report in on my… More

Viewers are Powerless in TV Carriage Disputes

Television carriage disputes – fights between TV providers over the right to carry content – occur frequently. Most of the time, they are accompanied by public relations efforts meant to activate viewers to get involved in the dispute so they don’t lose their content. In 2009, Time Warner Cable placed… More