Fashion & the Democracy of Style

jblakley300The so-called fast-fashion industry — Zara and H&M, for instance — have inaugurated a new era in the history of fashion, one in which high-end designs are made available to the masses shortly after they debut in the world’s finest fashion houses. Some have worried that the accelerating copy-cat culture that we see in the fashion industry will lead to bland homogeneous designs. But what we’ve witnessed instead is an unprecedented democratization of fashion. More people have more access to more innovative clothing design than ever before. The Lear Center’s Johanna Blakley will explore the implications of fashion’s unique creative ecology, where fashion designs are treated as shared resources that can be freely reused, recreated and recombined.

This talk is part of the Honor’s Forum Lecture Series, hosted by Maricopa Community Colleges, which have over a quarter million students enrolled in their network of ten colleges in the Phoenix area.

November 16, 2011 |  7 PM
Glendale Community College | Phoenix, Arizona