Intervention: Contemporary Artists & the Modern House

Neutra300Lear Center Managing Director and Director of Research Johanna Blakley joins artists, critics and curators for a two-day conference investigating the power of experimental art installations to remake the spatial and social realities of modernist house museums. Invention: Contemporary Artists and the Modern House responds to the curatorial shift in the maintenance of house museums, in which directors are supporting increasingly transformative art installations that both challenge and celebrate the modernist landmarks. These collaborations with artists point to alternative preservation strategies, which move away from the conservation of historic homes as static objects and instead affirm the importance of human occupation and transformation. The conference will host a series of conversations between house museum directors, curators, artists and architects to reveal the curatorial motivations and artistic processes behind these interventions.

Blakley joins Mark Allen of Machine Project, Los Angeles and Ted Bosleey, Director of the Pasadena Gamble House for a panel discussion addressing the role of social practice in animating house museums, in particular, the transformation of the Gamble House.

Saturday October 4th, 2014, 1pm-5pm | Schindler’s Kings Road House/MAK Center
835 North Kings Road | West Hollywood, CA 90069