Sherry Turkle: 2017 Ev Rogers Award Winner


MIT professor Sherry Turkle – scholar and critic of technology’s impact, public intellectual and bestselling author – is the recipient of the 2017 Everett M. Rogers Award.

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, Professor Turkle spoke on “The Assault on Empathy; the Need for Conversation” at the USC Annenberg School. Her talk was not videotaped as the material is a work-in-progress, but she spoke about much of her current research in this trenchant interview with Lear Center Director Marty Kaplan. READ the transcript.

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Often referred to as “the Margaret Mead of digital culture,” and called a “conscience for the tech world” by novelist Jonathan Franzen in the New York Times Book Review, Professor Turkle studies the effects on human relationships of digital technology, including the personal computer, social networks, mobile connectivity and artificial intelligence. She has described technology as the “architect of our intimacies,” and her work has explored how digital communication devices affect the ways we understand ourselves, relate to others and experience our humanity.

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