The Fire This Time: Afterlives of 1968 “Social Movement Legacies II | Revolt, Counterinsurgency & Global ‘68”

The fiftieth anniversary of 1968 has driven journalists, scholars, activists and advertisers into the archives, lured by the opportunity to draw new energy from old stories. Memory of that momentous year finds expression through image and song, slogan and soundbite—citations that circulate today as political, cultural and philosophical currency, and that demonstrate the contemporary relevance of bygone ideas and events.

The Fire This Time: Afterlives of 1968 brings together an interdisciplinary group of critical scholars, organizers and cultural workers to delve into our buried pasts and assess the strategic lessons that might help us build more radiant futures.


Social Movement Legacies II | Revolt, Counterinsurgency & Global ‘68

Friday, October 5, 2018 | 10:30AM – 12:00PM
Wallis Annenberg Hall, ANN 106

Speakers analyze how the global spirit of revolt that made 1968 a pivotal year is historically bound to the development of imperial strategy, tactics of state repression, and capitalism’s recuperation of rebel countercultures.

Chair: Perry B. Johnson, PhD Candidate in Communication, USC

Paulina Lanz | Fifty Years After Tlatelolco: The Spatial Politics of Amnesia

Ly Thúy Nguyễn | United States Agency for International Development and the Radicalized South Vietnamese Students of 1968

Loubna Qutami | Palestine 1968: Zionism, U.S. Imperialism and Third World Insurgency

Yatta Kiazolu | Apartheid South Africa, Black Feminism, and the Legacy of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Faculty Discussant: Josh Kun, Director, Annenberg School of Communication; Director the Popular Music Project