The Social Impact of Social Media

apogee300Lear Center Managing Director Johanna Blakley will give the keynote address for the Think Again Conclave, a featured event at the 32nd annual edition of APOGEE, a technical extravaganza including over 6000 students, 100 colleges, and 80 technical events. The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) in Pilani, India, hosts the country’s biggest technical festival, which has featured talks by Nobel Laureates, CERN scientists, inventors, politicians and social activists from around the globe. Blakley will present her research on “The Social Impact of Social Media,” with a focus on the current dynamics in India, where the exchange of ideas and information through virtual communities and networks has assumed unprecedented significance in the past few years. Other speakers in the Think Again Conclave include:

  • John Beck, Director of Photography at NASA
  • Dr. Anil Gupta, founder Honey Bee Network
  • Mansoor Khan, Director/Producer in the Indian Film Industry
  • Dr. Walter Lewin, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the MIT
  • Ryan Woodward, Celebrated animator

APOGEE BITS-Pilani, India | March 28, 2014