Grand Intervention: Submission Gallery




Thank you for bringing this process to full public view as it should be and congratulations on winning the L.A. Times’ attention on the matter as well. I am an urban planner and native Angelena and am very excited about the civic park idea and the community process that will lead up to it.

Susan Chivaratanond

La Alameda, by Jason Evers, Daniel Lopez, Anthony Sponzilli & Andy Wilcox
The concept of the Alameda is designed to be flexible and to grow and evolve with the city itself.

Angel City Park, by A. Andrews, C. Cheng, M. Hissom, J. Jackson, D. Kahen, J. Rohmer & A. Siemers
We’ve designed a public space that is a catalyst for urban synergy, where the elements of Los Angeles interact and create a vibrant urban rhythm.

Anti-Park, by Charissa Chan, Jacqueline Nguyen, Alondra Rodriguez, & Ruby Sanchez, Cal Poly Pomona Architecture
We don’t need a park; we need a place that bustles like Olvera Street.

Art Parks, Earthworks, and Sculpture Gardens, by Steven Rosen
The park should be used for something special – something as exciting and potentially world-class as the new buildings and cultural institutions planned for Grand Avenue.

UPDATED: Bring Historical Bunker Hill Back To Life, by Tim Quinn
Rebuilding some of the buildings that formerly occupied Bunker Hill could bring a note of grace and dignity back to a place that once had an abundance of both.

A Cascading Water Park, by Stuart Rapeport // View the Flash Movie
Flowing fountains from the LADWP building down to City Hall provide a meditative break from the cacophany of the surrounding city.


Beauty, Beauty and more Beauty! and Silence! Peace and quiet from the noise of traffic. There is too much noise in the city. Give our ears a rest, or we won’t have any hearing left.

Barrie Jaeger

Chicago’s Millennium Park, by Olivia Littles
Look to Chicago’s Millennium Park for a perfect example of a public space and a destination for visitors.

Children’s Playground, by Susan North
It would be great to build a children’s playground that illustrates the laws of physics.

Civic Link, by Michelle Landis & Maria Landoni de Rose
Imagine a physical connection between the civic heart of the city and its original life source: the L.A. River.

Civic Plaza of Los Angeles, by Andrew Rivlin & Ben Warsinske
Turning the park into a transit hub may create a new culture of mass transit use.

Civic Square, by Angie Jun, Michelle Licea, David Mabs & Sonia Noriega
Replacing the government buildings that surround the park with retail, residential and mixed-use buildings will revitalize the civic district of downtown Los Angeles.

Connectivity, by Genaro Diaz and Salvador Salazar, Cal Poly Pomona
Our vision was to provide direction and purpose for the proposed space and follow guidelines with regard to character and urban design.

Connectivity 2, by Ramirio Arroyo, Robert Nava, Anabel Ruiz, Cal Poly Pomona
Building programming plays a key role in our vision for L.A. It opens up new possibilities for existing and future users, allowing a fresh way of living to develop.

A Digital Forum, by Anne Bray, Ted Fisher & Doug McCulloh
An electronic glass wall would allow park visitor to contribute photos and text via cell phones and laptops.

A Dream for Grand Avenue, by Tom Manganiello
A dream for a civic space in America that is open, hopeful and proud.

Earth/Air/Fire/Water Maze, by Steven Contreras // View the Sketches
The four exits from this grass-path maze point to the elements of L.A.’s success and beauty: earth (beaches), air (LAX), water (L.A. Harbor) and fire (Hollywood).

Endless Orchard, by Dave Burns, Matias Viegener & Austin Young
Endless Orchard is an enclosed square within the park that contains a grid of fruit trees around three perfectly mirrored walls, open to the south.


Save the Downtown!! I’ve lived here all my life — don’t discard everything.

Lynne Zuccaro

Five Suggestions, by Gerald Kobata
The powers-that-be should not blow this opportunity to create something very special in downtown Los Angeles.

Flexible Connections, by Page Robbins, Andrew Takabayashi, &  William James Volbrecht, Cal Poly Pomona Architecture
This park design allows for more green space or more retail space as its needed.

Flying Pods, by Julie Rico
A floating pathway would contain pods for people to play, eat or rest.

Four-Tiered Space, by Francis Winiarski
The park should include a Japanese garden, a walk-through aviary and a model boat pond.

Grand Avenue Civic Park, by Jennifer Birkeland, Corey Fox, Lauren McCullough, Daniel Miller & Samantha Moran
This proposal features formal gardens, an urban orchard and a reflecting pool in front of City Hall.

Grand Avenue Green, by Jenny Capone, Arlene Fetizanan, Madolyn Jones, Maria Spinozzi, Chaomin Yang & Lila Youn
The city can use this urban park to inform citizens about how to make better decisions for the environment.

Grand Avenue Park: A Haven for the Arts, by Brady Westwater, L.A. Cowboy
Twenty different mini-auditoriums and galleries need to be built to allow Angelinos to experience all the different cultures of our city.


You want ideas for this boondoggle, so here’s my best. Why not make the new park the Homeless Park? There’s already a huge fountain to pee in – you’ve heard about those porta-potties. Columnist Steve Lopez can lead the parade of homeless to their new encampment, the vast majority of which can sit right across from the front doors of Times Mirror Square. It’s a win-win.

Scott Saltzburg

Grand Common, by Jay German
The opportunity to develop a 16-acre open space in the heart of one of the world?s great metropolises is rare and precious.

Grand Elements Nature Park, by Aaron Landy
A public commons in a restored eco-scape would be more creative and welcoming than anything designed by one person or agency.

Grand Esplanade Park, by Derek Allen, Beige Berryman, Virginia Gomez, Todd Hutchins, Steven Mar & L. Lee Wong
Angelenos and visitors can walk along the Stream of Life which meanders through the park, ending at the Infiniti-Edged Water Steps at Spring Street.

Hyde Park in Los Angeles, by Michael Irwin
A perfect model of an urban oasis already exists.

Hyde Park Idea, by Shirley Sacks
I agree with this Hyde Park idea. Downtown is bleak. All it needs is a fabulous park.

I Dream L.A., by Claire Cottrell
Imagine an online database that allows users to upload imagery – and then experience it in person, in the park.

Interactive Fountain, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
A fountain which is activated by the movements of a group of people would be an ideal addition to a civic park in L.A.

International Food Court & Music Stage, by Gordon Hom
With the help of the Small Business Administration, the dream of opening your first restaurant and developing your business skills could be realized in the new park.

International Theme/Seven Wonders of the World, by Jennifer Hicks
The park could be divided into areas that celebrate various regions of the world.

The Itinerant Interchange, by Paulina Bouyer-Magana, Adam Harwell &Crystal Wang, Cal Poly Pomona Architecture
A “freeway” path system offers circulation, infrastructure and a form synonymous with Los Angeles.

L.A.?s Great Lawn and Urban Meadow, by P. Vaughan Davies
Envisioned for Los Angeles is a Great Lawn, a contemporary California urban meadow that gently slopes up from the steps of City Hall to the Music Center.

Land Bridges & Terraces, by Mia Lehrer+Associates; David Fletcher (lead designer), Jae Uck Ahn, Christopher Alexander, Mia Lehrer & Alexander Robinson
A series of overlapping terraces and bold land bridges transform a fragmented site into a dynamic, multileveled park.

LAp_Dancer, by Robert Mothershed
City hall could use a lap dance.

Lifescape Park, by Hera Hamalian, Katie Kreiser, Erin Patterson, & John Wiersma, Cal Poly Pomona Architecture
Landscaped paths link the park to other parts of downtown.

Light-Water-Stone-Foliage, Douglas Alandrobish
The interaction of these four elements provides opportunities for relief, relaxation, meditation and stimulation.


Stop fooling around and have Robert Irwin design it.

Harlan Lee

Look to Great Parks Outside the U.S., by Diana Robleto
Yes, there are great parks in the U.S., but you needn’t stop there.

Los Angeles Civic Center, by Michael Aguirre, Ed Bailey, Matthew Lockwood, Jason
McHugh & Edward Velasquez

Rejuvenating connections to surrounding districts will unify and revitalize the entire area.

Los Angeles Civic Center Vision, by JC Comia, Edvin Santiago, Matthew Rodriguez, Alex Sandiego & Ester Sun, Cal Poly Pomona
By bringing culture, uniqueness and importance from each district to the heart of Los Angeles, it will work as a cohesive diverse place.

Mayme A. Clayton Library & Cultural Center, by Avery Clayton
A substantial repository of African American culture should be included in the re-visioning of Grand Avenue.

Park of the Future, by Studio IMC
Imagine water running down the side of Disney Concert Hall or a rainforest projected on nearby skyscrapers . . .

A Patchwork Park in the Heart of L.A., by Ron Geiger
What if every region in LA had its own space in the park?

Pedestrian Walkway, by Sayon Syprasoeuth
A pedestrian walkway would make the park more people-friendly.

The People’s Motion Picture Plaza, by Greg Ptacek
The park could re-establish the relationship between the city’s core and its most important industry.

People Mover, by Alan Rosenberg
An outdoor escalator would draw people to the park from other areas of the city.

A Place of Repose, by Tom Holzbog
This park should be a place of repose for people, a retreat of simple open green space, informal and natural in character…

Playing with Parks, by Neal Gabler
What if you could mix Disneyland and Central Park and put it in downtown L.A.?

Preserve the County Mall Fountain & Chuck the Lipchitz, by Matthew Hetz
The County Mall fountain is one of the best public fountains in Southern California and so it should not be demolished in the renovation of Grand Avenue.

Private Goes Public, by Gregory Taousson and Paola Giaconia
Totems made of colored glass project images of passersby on the plaza floor.

Project Alexander, by Sonia Fernandez
A sculptured slide called “Alexander” gives children the opportunity to interact with a piece of art.


Bring in an organic field to contrast with the concrete blocks and sense of perfect organization the downtown grid conveys. Add water — not fountains, but water flowing.

Sahive Flous

Shade Pavilion, by Michael Jantzen
This modular shade pavilion would provide a gathering place in the park.

Slopped Terraces & Moving Waterways, by Alan Tossman
Sloped terraces create unique vistas and the feeling of a larger park space.

Sonic Shadows, by Christopher Janney, PhenomenArts, Inc.
The park’s visitors deserve a uniquely personal space, a quiet, acoustic oasis in the middle of the city.

Sparking Engagement with Downtown Los Angeles, by Amy Altomare, Jasmine Evains, Ryan Fowler, Sergio Ibarra, Kim Newstadt & Jason Neville
Our goal is to facilitate the active engagement of Angelenos with their participation, activity, or simply their presence.

Still Motion Park, by Courtney Hukel, Kee-Hyun Nam, & Lisa Pidgen, Cal Poly Pomona Architecture
A series of paths create a network of choices and excellent people-watching opportunities for park visitors.

A mobile recording studio now collecting stories across the nation would be a perfect addition to the park.

StriaPark, by “The Unrelated Co.” (orenj + sabistudio): Robert Apodaca, Dave Chong, Jeremy Fletcher, Mike Jacobs, Jeremy Limsenben, Jimmy Miyoshi & Aaron Neubert
Contoured topographical superstructures blur the conventional boundaries of private and public urban space.

Transforming Surfaces & Transplanting Programming, by Lita Albuquerque, Mitchell De Jarnett & Mohamed Sharif
We propose that a new museum of the city be housed in a bar-like building hovering above Grand Avenue . . .

Transitory Los Angeles, by Mary Ann Bennett, Jennifer Keevil, Julia Ledbetter & Rosanna Salvador
A moveable movie screen, a graffitti wall and a seasonal grove contribute to a flexible park design that changes with the seasons.

Turning the Park Into a Destination, by Louise Mozingo
Though simplicity is key, we need to create reasons for people to traverse the park and treat it as a destination.

Ulama Court, by Josef Bray-Ali
Incorporating an Ulama court into the park will help Angelenos connect with the history of the region and its indigenous people.

Unifying Green Space, by Dwain Wilson, The Wildwoods Foundation
We need a park that will take us one step closer to a more sustainable future for our city.

Urban Organism: Smart Fountain, by Jenna Didier & Oliver Hess, infranatural
We have developed a ?Smart Fountain? that is aware of the actions of the visitors around it.

Water Management, by Marcia McNally
Make this site one that demonstrates creative and beautiful on-site storm water management.

Water Torches, by WET Design
Sculptural torches of water rhythmically celebrate the length of Grand Avenue from Temple Street to Fourth Street.

Web-Port, by Michael Jantzen
Park visitors can Web-surf inside the Web-Port.




Wind Observation Tower, by Michael Jantzen
As the wind blows, the towers’ fins rotate around the occupants in opposite directions and at different speeds, generating electricity for illumination at night.

Wind Tunnel Footbridge, by Michael Jantzen
The Wind Tunnel Footbridge was designed to be constructed in various types of public venues as an architectural attraction.