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Grand Esplanade Park 

Submitted by Derek Allen, Beige Berryman, Virginia Gomez, Todd Hutchins, Steven Mar & L. Lee Wong

The Grand Esplanade Park celebrates the diversity that links Southern Californians. It will become an urban destination for visitors and locals alike to use for a wide range of activities. This dynamic setting reflects the cultural, leisurely and civic districts overlapping in this single geographic location. From grand visions and inspirations to analysis and design reality, our proposal focuses on the splendor of the City of Los Angeles. The recent success of nearby destinations acts a catalyst for the Grand Esplanade design. This proposal incorporates the individuality of adjacent functions while keeping a distinct identity of its own.

Connecting the Music Center and the Civic Park is an example of the theme of linkages, which we used throughout the park redesign. By connecting individual buildings through sight relationships, programming and physical connectivity, we help establish a stronger sense of unity within the park.

The design incorporates a variety of Interactive Mixed Use Park Space at major path intersections to encourage a diversity of uses, such as placing eateries at Grand Avenue and the Music Center Plaza that will allow guests to interact with the park.

Angelenos and visitors can walk along the Stream of Life, which meanders through the park and enjoy the natural elements and kiosks, which highlight the cultural heritages of the people of Los Angeles.

By opening up the Hall of Administration and the Superior Court, we establish a view corridor to the L.A. Cathedral and allow a human scale to the buildings surrounding the Civic Park.

A newly designed Civic District Metro Station will feature water and vegetation elements reaching into the platform below that will lure people to the experiences waiting for them above in the park.

The Infiniti-Edged Water Steps at Spring Street will mark the eastern edge of the leisure park. Park patrons can enjoy the calming effect of the trickling waters and the reflective pool with a view of City Hall in the background.

Along the park?s central axis between Spring Street and Broadway will be a new Civic Plaza at City Hall and Court of Flags showcasing the Civic Center Bazaar: a programmed area of culinary and cultural arts whose changing nature will exude the dynamism of L.A.

Finally, the City Hall Pedestrian Mezzanine Extension will create a prominent linkage to the new Civic Center Plaza and relieve traffic pressure.

The Grand Esplanade Park weaves together the city?s dynamic and symbolic elements and reestablishes downtown as the true cultural and civic heart of Los Angeles. By linking the district?s cultural, recreational and civic elements, the park is a grand tribute to all Angelenos, both past and present, who have helped to create this wonderful and unique city.