Grand Intervention: Angel City Park

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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Angel City Park 

Submitted by A. Andrews, C. Cheng, M. Hissom, J. Jackson, D. Kahen, J. Rohmer & A. Siemers

Concept Statement
Los Angeles is a dynamic city, drawing people and attention from around the world. To enhance the diverse elements of this cityscape, we seek to design a public space that supports chance meetings, people watching, civic engagement and other characteristics of urban life. We envision Angel City Park as a catalyst for urban synergy, a place where the elements of Los Angeles interact and create a vibrant urban rhythm that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Writer?s Block
Relaxing by the side of the Neutra building, people enjoy a public keyboard-controlled grafitti wall or a projected movie.

Information & Transit Center
Transit riders and bikers enjoy specialized amenities while visitors obtain information.

Open Court
Protests, festivals or simple Wi-Fi usage are available in the open plaza.

Angel City Path
Lit blocks and dedicated tiles catch the attention of drivers and pedestrians, highlighting downtown monuments.

Patrons enjoy a meal on the patio of the courthouse with a view of historic City Hall.

Kidvention Center/The Dot
Leave children here for childcare. Teens also have a local support center.

Peripheral Modifications

  • Building and street removal.
  • Court, administration offices moved to a new building, opening up the western end of the park.
  • Hill and Broadway are tunneled underground.

Reclaiming the 101
Themed bridges, murals and a court of flags allow drivers on the 101 to experience Downtown.