Grand Intervention: Connectivity 2

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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Connectivity 2  

Submitted by Ramirio Arroyo, Robert Nava, Anabel Ruiz, Cal Poly Pomona

Building programming plays a key role in our vision for L.A. It opens up new possibilities for existing and future users, allowing a fresh way of living to develop. The removal or relocation of current civic buildings will allow better buildings to take their place.

Street beautification throughout the site will offer a visual connection, using materials and plants, that provides downtown L.A. with a sense of place and a sense of community.

Key objectives to improve the site were achieved by using physical urban design forms to create the different connections

To introducing the Civic Center Garden into downtown Los Angeles, six different types of connections were used. Elements of physical design were incorporated to support the park in relationship to its regional context, its local context, and its urban environment. The Civic Center Garden will become an integral part of downtown by accommodating large civic gatherings, cultural programming, retail and residential development, and recreational opportunities. The park will become an integral part of downtown LA due to its distinct character and its ability to provide flexible possibilities within the site. 

Visual Connections – viewing distances, focal points, and forced perspective
This view from Grand Ave. serves as a vantage point for the user. The trees, reflection pond, and paving material contribute to the grand forced perspective to City Hall.

Emotional Connections – monuments, plaques, and statues

Cultural Connections – existing communities and programming

Physical Connections – transportation, bridges, enhanced crosswalks
This water feature connects the users from the parking structure below to the courtyard above both visually and physically by keeping it open and providing stairways.

Perceptual Connections – color, materials, and architecture

Spiritual Connections – cathedral
This corridor to Temple St. provides access for users from the cathedral. It provides a visual, physical, and spiritual connection by use of the large glass windows and physical access.