Grand Intervention: Transitory Los Angeles

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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Transitory Los Angeles 

Submitted by Mary Ann Bennett, Jennifer Keevil, Julia Ledbetter and Rosanna Salvador

The transitory theme that we came up with is evident in our plan view. Los Angeles is an ever moving, changing and transforming city. Whether it is from day to night or changing from work activities to play activities. We felt that our park design needs to encompass this thought and embrace it. We decided that each section of the park would have an area for large gatherings and different event spaces. There are special features within each section that give it its own identity. There is a streetcar roundhouse, retention basins, large open spaces, seasonal groves of trees, competition/exhibition gardens, graffiti wall, children’s playground, and a movable movie screen. All these components demonstrate how the park is always moving and changing with the times and the seasons to fit in with our transitory design concept.

Park Area 1

This area of the park provides users with the most open, unprogrammed space. Large areas of this portion are left to the discretion of the user. This portion of the park will be used for Movies in the Park, festivals, and large gatherings. The Kenneth Hahn Building has been reconfigured to occupy a smaller footprint but rise higher in the skyline in order to clear a pathway to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The trees in this portion would flower in the Spring and Summer months which would correspond with the activities planned for this area.

Park Area 2

Park Area 2 is located between Broadway and Hill Street. The park consists of a Bio-Retention Pond that can be used during the dry season, event space, graffiti wall, children’s playground, and a building. A bridge connects to park at First Street.

Park Area 3

The lower portion of the park is directly across from City Hall. It contains the roundhouse for the street car, a bio-retention pond for capturing storm water, a large event space, a fountain plaza, competition gardens and a hotel with a restaurant.