Grand Intervention: Grand Avenue Civic Park

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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Grand Avenue Civic Park 

Submitted by Jennifer Birkeland, Corey Fox, Lauren McCullough, Daniel Miller & Samantha Moran

Entry Plaza: At each of the four corners of the site we have a unique design feature. Visitors enter the site on a path surrounded by water. Box planters containing seasonally flowering trees rise out of the water creating a sort of tunnel vision hiding the rest of the park from view until the end. This will create a sense of tension and release as well as anticipation.

Sculpture Gardens: Sculpture gardens with meandering paths open up onto a grand plaza on the north side of the site near the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Curvilinear paths and trees create a relaxing stroll in a garden in which sculpture will be displayed as an affordable activity for all.

Flower Fields: The flower field is a unique element created to provide a feature uncommon to Los Angeles. Meandering paths through this field of color and scent will provide much needed relaxation. A yearly festival will be held to harvest and celebrate the flowers.

Orchard: The orchard (pictured at bottom) heralds back to a simpler time in Los Angeles’ past. This feature creates a fun, fragrant and peaceful element within the park. Two of the fine-dining restaurants are concealed by the rows of trees. Patrons of these restuarants can enjoy the orchard while dining on the patio or from within the restaurants.

Reflection Pond: The reflection pond emphasizes the strong central connection between the DWP and City Hall. With the reflection of the larger-than-life City Hall bouncing off the ripples, one could sit and meditate. This is also a space that could hold farmers’ markets, public events and community gatherings.

Amphitheater: The amphitheater is a key feature in our design. It is flanked by an urban forest on each side to muffle the sounds of the city and create an area for plays, ceremonies, concerts and movies in the park. When these activities are not taking place the amphitheater lawn can be used for many different activities. There is also theater storage built into the slope.

Fountain: The fountain is the centerpiece of the park. It combines the attributes of a play feature with the calming sounds and viewing pleasures associated with everyday fountains. The fountain is essentially a pool. Jets are placed throughout the pool providing playful displays and sounds. Among the jets are rectangular pads rising through and above the water as a playful feature for children. Misters create a mist all along the surface of the water. The mix of visual as well as physical entertainment along with auditory pleasures will attract people from all areas of the park as well as the city.