Grand Intervention: Clayton Library & Cultural Center

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Mayme A. Clayton Library & Cultural Center  

Submitted by Avery Clayton, Los Angeles

The future home of the Mayme A. Clayton Library & Cultural Center should be included in the revisioning of Grand Avenue.
Mayme A. Clayton Library, a division of Western States Black Research and Educational Center (WSBREC), maintains the largest and most substantial collection of rare books, documents, films, music, photographs and memorabilia on African American culture and history in the Western United States. The collection is second in the world in size and scholarly to the Schomberg Collection in the New York City Public Library.
WSBREC’s goal is to establish the Mayme A. Clayton Library & Cultural Center as a world-class, library-based cultural institution dedicated to black intelligence and creativity that enthusiastically welcomes the world community.

The Mayme A. Clayton Library & Cultural Center will serve as a source of commerce and pride for the City of Los Angeles and stand as an international symbol of the global black community that warmly welcomes all people.