Grand Intervention: L.A.’s Great Lawn and Urban Meadow

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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L.A.?s Great Lawn and Urban Meadow 

Submitted by P. Vaughan Davies, ISAA, Principal, Director of Urban Design, EDAW, Inc.

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?A tilted plane
?A continuous grassy plane
?Cutouts give sunlight to the street
?Magnificent canopy trees provide shade

Envisioned for Los Angeles is a Great Lawn, a contemporary California urban meadow that gently slopes up from the steps of City Hall to the Music Center. Bathed in sunlight, it will become the favorite haunt for lunchtime picnics. Shady walks at its perimeter offer respite from the heat of the day. In the evenings and during special event days, the meadow welcomes large crowds in the bowl, a natural amphitheater setting.

A Grand Avenue stage emerges from the street as a dramatic overlook with City Hall in the background. The Grand Avenue stage is crowned by a tiara of lights, a center stage venue where Grand Avenue comes alive. At the foot of the City Hall steps is another performance space, suitable for informal events or city proclamations. The venue is a grand and civic symbol for our proud city, a response to Angelenos claiming their rightful place in the public realm.

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