Grand Intervention: Eco-Friendly

Submission Gallery: ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGNS .

Civic Link, by Michelle Landis & Maria Landoni de Rose
Imagine a physical connection between the civic heart of the city and its original life source: the L.A. River.

Endless Orchard, by Dave Burns, Matias Viegener & Austin Young
Endless Orchard is an enclosed square within the park that contains a grid of fruit trees around three perfectly mirrored walls, open to the south.

Grand Avenue Green, by Jenny Capone, Arlene Fetizanan, Madolyn Jones, Maria Spinozzi, Chaomin Yang & Lila Youn
The city can use this urban park to inform citizens about how to make better decisions for the environment.

Grand Elements Nature Park, by Aaron Landy
A public commons in a restored eco-scape would be more creative and welcoming than anything designed by one person or agency.

Los Angeles Civic Center, by Michael Aguirre, Ed Bailey, Matthew Lockwood, Jason
McHugh & Edward Velasquez

Rejuvenating connections to surrounding districts will unify and revitalize the entire area.

A Patchwork Park in the Heart of L.A., by Ron Geiger
What if every region in LA had its own space in the park? 

Transitory Los Angeles, by Mary Ann Bennett, Jennifer Keevil, Julia Ledbetter & Rosanna Salvador
A moveable movie screen, a graffitti wall and a seasonal grove contribute to a flexible park design that changes with the seasons.  

Unifying Green Space, by Dwain Wilson, The Wildwoods Foundation
We need a park that will take us one step closer to a more sustainable future for our city.

Water Management, by Marcia McNally
Make this site one that demonstrates creative and beautiful on-site storm water management.