Grand Intervention: Project Alexander

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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Project Alexander 

Submitted by Sonia Fernandez, Riverside

Los Angeles is famously known for its reputation as the hub of the world’s powerful entertainment industry. The busy streets, city lights, and endless activities leave people wondering the city’s capabilities. However, the famous signs, landmarks, and structural designs are always aimed for adults, even though some should be directed to children. As beautiful these as aesthetics are, it seems that the adults are the only ones who truly appreciate their worth. What about the children? How are children to learn how to enjoy art when most structural pieces are designed for adults? We need to start focusing on cultivating the artistic impressions of the younger generation.

My proposal is simply to fuse together the concept of art and children’s delights. I designed a sculptured slide called "Alexander." It is not only a design that can be visually valued, but children can interact with as well. The project "Alexander" will provide children the opportunity to appreciate art at an early age. Every child has an immeasurable imagination, which cannot be compared to adults. Often times, they dreamed of having an ideal role model, a protector of good. "Alexander" is designed to satisfy their need of an iconic protector. The name "Alexander," means "protector of mankind" in Greek. Its robotic figure and folkloric emanation make this sculpture timeless since it has different influences. Also, having a strong figure watch over the children while they play brings the adult sense of security and enhances our imagination. Its design and purpose will be greatly valued by all.

The ideal location for "Alexander" is in the Great Lawn. The Great Lawn is the perfect place
because the area is an open space where people can relax and enjoy the simplicity of nature. With "Alexander," the adults can relax and not have to worry about entertaining their children. And since it is in the open space, everyone can see every activity that goes on. This location is also great for safety.  "Alexander" is a simple proposal with a unique design. Instead of having only a piece of sculpture for aesthetic purposes, this piece is also designed for interaction with children. It is a rare combination of a playground and a sculpture that can be appreciated by all ages, especially by children. The goal of "Alexander" is to provide a heroic icon in a child’s mind, to have them spring in anticipation whenever they hear someone say, "Let’s go visit Alexander today."