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Preserve the County Mall Fountain & Chuck the Lipchitz 

Submitted by Matthew Hetz


The fountain on the western side is great. On hot summer days and mild spring and fall days it is great to sit and watch some of the birds play in the water. The place is already enjoyed by many doing business with the county and city, as more housing appeas, I’m sure the park will attract more people. All it needs is a few more benches and someone to water the plants.

Stuart Rapeport
Los Angeles

I do not dare submit plans for the entire avenue. However, I do have an issue which I would like to raise. Currently, in the County Mall, between the courts building and the Board of Supervisors building is a marvelous fountain. It beautifully represents the stylistic sensibilities of the era of the Cold War, Sputnik and the space race, the aerospace industry, and the whole milieu of the 1950s and early 1960s. It is, I believe, one of the best public fountains in Southern California. It should not be lost, i.e., demolished, with the renovation of Grand Avenue.

I think efforts must be made to leave it where it is and incorporate it into whatever plans are finalized. Or, move it. Since it is rather large, and I take it extremely heavy, this could pose difficulties. If moving it would save the fountain, I suggest placing it in the plaza of the Music Center, and have it replace the current Lipchitz sculpture which has never fit into that space. Where to move the Lipchitz? I don’t know. How about on Broadway? The theme of universality is better suited on Broadway than the rather homogenous Music Center. Or perhaps move it to the far reaches of Grand Avenue, or the far reaches of the city, or the far reaches of the solar system.

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