Grand Intervention: International Theme

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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International Theme / Seven Wonders of the World 

Submitted by Jennifer Hicks, Los Angeles

I want to suggest that the park be divided into areas that celebrate various regions of the world.


  • Something celebrating Asia?s spiritual heritage
  • Many of the world?s major religions are from Asia


  • Jungle safari / Zoo
  • Animal world
  • Statues of animals


  • Fairy tales, Hans Christian Anderson
  • Western ideas and thoughts, artistic creation; the Renaissance, art
  • Coliseum, Parthenon

South America

  • Machu Pichu, hills with interactive indigenous ruins


  • Something involving water; an aquarium or fountain; water animals

North America

  • Landscape; the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, the Great Lakes, rivers, rock formations, volcanoes, pine trees, the Pacific Ocean