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Wind Observation Tower 

Submitted by Michael Jantzen,

The Wind Observation Tower is a conceptual design for a public space such as a public park. The structure can be various heights and widths and it would be made of steel and aluminum.

As the wind blows, it is caught by the fins of each of the five segments of the tower and as a result, rotates around the occupants in opposite directions and at different speeds. As the segments move they also generate electricity, which is stored in batteries and used at night to illuminate the entire structure.

Depending on the final scale of the tower, a spiral staircase or an elevator allows the visitors to move up and down through the structure and onto the various platforms around which the segments move.

The landscape, which is viewed at different heights by the occupants from each of the platforms, is visually broken up in different ways depending on the speed of the wind.

Different electronic sounds can also be generated by the movements of each segment to create an ever-changing wind soundscape.

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