Grand Intervention: Civic Square

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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Civic Square 

Submitted by Angie Jun, Michelle Licea, David Mabs & Sonia Noriega

Goals & Objectives: The Grand Avenue Project will revitalize and transform the civic district of downtown Los Angeles into a vibrant cultural center where retail, residential offices, mixed-use buildings, a museum and a food court enclose a 16-acre park. These new uses will be incorporated into the existing landmarks such as Disney Hall, MOCA and the Cathedral. The project will focus on celebrating the diversity of Los Angeles with a new museum and cultural center. We created pedestrian pathways to help unify the city and its people, thus bridging the surrounding communities with the Civic Square.

The focus of the project is the 16-acre park and its connection to City Hall. The project is divided into three main areas: the Meadow, the Civic Garden and the Civic Plaza. Those three areas are connected by diverting vehicles beneath the site via a tunnel. We used the element of water to tie the entire site together.

Park Users: Everyone. Young and old, male and female, residents and tourists, professionals and family.

The Meadow starts on Grand Avenue with the Grand Steps leading into the Civic Square.

Vehicles travel through a tunnel at Olive Street and Broadway.

On either side of the Meadow is a water channel that penetrates through the whole site and terminates at the stage in the Civic Plaza in front of City Hall. Furthermore, the Meadow has two natural pathways running alongside the water channels. This creates a sort of mountain retreat in the midst of downtown L.A. One will be able to cross a bridge and dangle their feet in the water.

In the middle of the Meadow is a circular paved area with multiple purposes.  During summer, it serves as a children’s fountain with water jets shooting out of it. During Christmas, it will be replaced with a grand Christmas tree. In the Meadow there are various warm and cool season grasses to create a variety of programming and uses.

Retail stores face the park, so shoppers can enjoy the view as they shop.

In the Garden, there are spaces for people to relax, meditate and enjoy the plants. In the spring, a flower festival is held to celebrate the coming of spring. The Garden also serves as an educational resource where children can learn how to plant and care for the flowers.

The Civic Plaza has a food court with another water fountain to the left and a lawn surrounded by water. It has a stage with water running around it. The stage is used for concerts, public meetings and discussions and gatherings.