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Submitted by Jay Kernis, SVP for Programming, National Public Radio

Independent radio producer David Isay has created a most meaningful and remarkable oral history project called StoryCorps. Two people enter a recording room and, guided by a facilitator, engage in a conversation worth remembering. They can discuss anything they like, and with permission, a copy of the conversation goes to the Library of Congress and excerpts may be broadcast on NPR newsmagazines, including Morning Edition and News & Notes. There are now two mobile recording studios criss-crossing the country, collecting stories. For some time now, there’s been a semi-permament booth at Grand Central Terminal in NYC, and a few weeks ago, plans for a booth at the World Trade Center site were announced. The stories recorded at these booths have been dramatic, emotional, and authentic–and such a booth in LA may be a perfect addition to the park. You can hear some of the stories at

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