Grand Intervention: Five Suggestions

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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Five Suggestions 

Submitted by Gerald Kobata, Los Angeles

I hope that the powers-that-be do not blow this opportunity to create something very special in downtown Los Angeles. Here are a few suggestions from a lifelong resident of Los Angeles:

1. Select the best architects, planners and designers available ? creative minds who have a bold vision for the development of Downtown. This group should collectively represent and convey the essence of our city. They must remember what Los Angeles is NOT. We are not another New York, so forget the idea of creating another Central Park. We are not Paris, so why create another Champs-Elysées. We are the City of the 21st Century and this project should reflect that.

2. Involve Los Angeles architects and designers who are visionaries and who understand this city. Involving Frank Gehry is a step in the right direction. Eric Moss and SCI-Arc should also be involved. Moss? Conjunctive Points in Culver City (pictured right) demonstrates that he would bring boldness and creativity to the project.
3. Make this project people-friendly without sacrificing security, safety and sanitation. This project should be the ?jewel? of Los Angeles and needs to be free of vandalism, crime and litter. Around-the-clock security is essential.

4. This park should reflect the arts and culture of this great city. Sculpture and other art should be everywhere. A large amphitheater should be constructed for evening concerts, plays and entertainment. State-of-the-art video and sound systems should be installed for special events. 
5. Keep the politicians away from the project. The short-sighted City Council has historically been a major obstacle to the development of Downtown. Remember the plan to build a downtown football stadium was killed off by politicians who were beholden to special interest groups. A football stadium adjacent to the Staples Center would have been a huge boost to the downtown development.