Grand Intervention: A Dream for Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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A Dream For Grand Avenue

Submitted by Tom Manganiello,  Fort Worth, TX

“If we are going to dream out loud, we might as well dream.”

For a civic space in America that is not dead.
For one that is not dying.
For one that does not feel as though it was staked through the heart in the
aftermath of 09/11 and left for the morning sun.
Not of restraint.
Not of fear.
Of open-ness.
Of hope.
Of pride.
Of grandness.

The dream shown here explores these ideas of civic space.

All existing and proposed connections to the urban fabric would remain. Not to be broken or passed under, but to go through. To be part of. All proposed greenspace would still exist. But not as a leftover backyard masquerading as civic space. But as a park, a grand park, truly civic in nature. Open. Hopeful. Proud. Grand.