Grand Intervention: A Cascading Water Park

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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A Cascading Water Park 

Submitted by Stuart Rapeport, Los Angeles

The alternative approach to leaving the park alone would be to expand the water features. Parks throughout the world use flowing water to invite visitors into parks and gardens. Our source of water is the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), which is at one end of the proposed park. It seems obvious to expand the park area to include Hope Street and create the illusion of a much bigger park space.

In the Flash Movie, the gardens work as an abstract painting held together with the water elements flowing from the LADWP fountains past the Music Center and the historic County fountain, and then along the Flag Court through the park to City Hall.

The flowing water provides a meditative break from the cacaphony of the surrounding city. Succulents and cactus along with various groupings of flowering plants reflect the water’s flow and rhythm.

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