Grand Intervention: Flying Pods

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Flying Pods 

Submitted by Julie Rico, Los Angeles

I am interested in a pathway that is above the park ? a floating pathway that rises to different levels throughout the Grand Avenue project. The pathway would function on many levels including:

  • Pods for people to rest
  • Pods for people to lunch
  • Pods for people to observe below
  • Pods for vendors
  • Pods for kids (a sort of playhouse)
  • Pods that house interactive video art linked to other countries. For example there could be another POD in Mexico City and the L.A. person could see and communicate with the visitor in Mexico in the POD.

The pathway would be bent and shaped with a lot of character with the intersection of the pods running throughout the project site. The pod concept would increase the flow of traffic from one end to the other end of the park. Instead of walking on the ground through the park you could take the pod route to your desired venue. The pathway could also function as a great exercise pathway. One part of the pathway could be separated for pedestrians who are interested in getting to their desired location more quickly or walkers or runners. It would look futuristic in the city of the future Los Angeles.