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People Mover 

Submitted by Alan Rosenberg, Pacific Palisades

Regarding the proposed Grand Avenue project, I would like to make a suggestion. If the park will indeed have the "pockets" that Neal Gabler wrote about in the Los Angeles Times, then why not connect the pockets with a people mover.

A People Mover, or outside escalator, would draw people to the park from other areas of the city. Heck, my neighbors on the Westside might even be willing to cross Fairfax and come downtown to experience this novel attraction. Also, patrons of Dorothy Chandler (pictured below) or Disney Hall could ride the people mover to a park cafe, then take a stroll through the park after coffee.

We in L.A. are forever in motion and a people mover would pay homage to this movement. If done properly, it would not upset the tranquility of a park experience and surely it would attract people to the park; an empty and underutilized park is the last thing this city of few parks needs.