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Classic Design 

Submitted by S. A. Snapp, Los Angeles

When is Los Angeles going to grow up?  The people of influence in this city are always so worried about making "a statement" that everything that’sbuilt in this city comes out contrived and phony.  The great pieces of architecture built around the world were built with vision, NOT because they were thinking of putting their cities on the map.  The Space Needle, Sydney Opera House, The Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge and Pyramid in S.F, the Washington Monument etc. were not built so that the people who designed them would get attention or be remembered, they were great designers  who had vision.  Washington D.C. has the Mall, New York City has Central Park, Chicago has Lincoln Park, Los Angeles has the HOLLYWOOD sign. Gee, isn’t that great.  We have no great gathering place, we don’t even have a place to hold fireworks on the 4th of July.  The Disney Concert Hall took the original 50 million grant by Mrs. Disney and much more just to design it and no matter what the critics (with their own agenda) have said, it’s at best a DUST TRAP for our polluted skies.  There’s nothing classic about it. It’s full of "sound and fury, signifing nothing".  God only knows what Frank Gheary will bestow upon on next, but my blood runs cold at the thought.  WAY TOO MUCH EGO!!!!  It’s time to stop trying to make a statement and just go out and get a classic design and the rest with time will take care of itself.  Los Angeles needs to stop being so insecure and just maybe when it does, it will find that the quality it deserves will come to it.