Grand Intervention: Sloped Terraces

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Sloped Terraces Adjacent to Moving Waterways 

Submitted by Alan Tossman, Los Angeles

My concept for the 16-acre park is based on the idea of sloped terraces adjacent to moving waterways. At various levels along the sloped terraces, you would have different views of the water flowing and the lake including park vistas at different terrace heights. The site plan drawing illustrates the perimeter sloped areas and the waterways unifying the entire project.

Because of the sloping terraces, the views of the perimeter buildings are not visible and this creates an enclosed landscaped public space and urban green area. The sloped terraces at the edges of this park create a setting that is not intermixed with buildings and the cityscape; and it is intended that while in the park you are mostly aware of the green landscaped and water areas not building exteriors, cityscape, transportation noise, etc.

Water flows through the park uniting all the elements and designated areas. In some areas the water is a stream and in other areas it turns into a lake. There are waterfalls as the water flows down some of the terraced areas. Birds and wildlife are drawn to the water areas, which adds to the enjoyment of nature by the people using the park.

The sloped terraces go to the approximate heights of some existing perimeter buildings. Where the terraces do not reach the heights of the perimeter buildings, high trees along the ridge of the sloped terraces would obstruct the view of these buildings. The ridge of some sloped terrace areas would allow views of the surrounding city. You could view and enter these perimeter buildings in special designed courtyards at the lower levels.

The sloped landscaped terraces could possibly connect to the lower existing buildings for roof top activities and could increase the size of the 16 acre park. The park areas could be connected to the rooftops of the existing buildings for retail, restaurants, etc. The rooftops used for gatherings, commercial, etc. would be connected but not be intermixed with the landscaped areas in the park. At Broadway and Hill Street the park could be below the park surface so that there is one continuous park from Grand Avenue to Spring Street.

Terraces and pathways that wind up the sloped terraces are inviting and can be used for various activities such as sitting, relaxing, small gatherings, and still have views of the water areas and lawn areas below. Because of the change in levels, different vistas are possible, and you would always have a sense of the larger enclosed park space. The center area serves as a large gathering area and the view of this area is visible from many areas in the park because of the sloped terraces.