Grand Intervention: Transit Hubs

Submission Gallery: TRANSIT HUBS

Angel City Park, by A. Andrews, C. Cheng, M. Hissom, J. Jackson, D. Kahen, J. Rohmer & A. Siemers
We’ve designed a public space that is a catalyst for urban synergy, where the elements of Los Angeles interact and create a vibrant urban rhythm.

Civic Link, by Michelle Landis & Maria Landoni de Rose
Imagine a physical connection between the civic heart of the city and its original life source: the L.A. River.

Civic Plaza of Los Angeles, by Andrew Rivlin & Ben Warsinske
Turning the park into a transit hub may create a new culture of mass transit use.

Connectivity 2, by Ramirio Arroyo, Robert Nava, Anabel Ruiz, Cal Poly Pomona
Building programming plays a key role in our vision for L.A. It opens up new possibilities for existing and future users, allowing a fresh way of living to develop.

A Dream for Grand Avenue, by Tom Manganiello
A dream for a civic space in America that is open, hopeful and proud

Grand Common, by Jay German
The opportunity to develop a 16-acre open space in the heart of one of the world?s great metropolises is rare and precious.

Grand Esplanade Park, by Derek Allen, Beige Berryman, Virginia Gomez, Todd Hutchins, Steven Mar & L. Lee Wong
Angelenos and visitors can walk along the Stream of Life which meanders through the park, ending at the Infiniti-Edged Water Steps at Spring Street.

The Itinerant Interchange, by Paulina Bouyer-Magana, Adam Harwell &Crystal Wang, Cal Poly Pomona Architecture
A "freeway" path system offers circulation, infrastructure and a form synonymous with Los Angeles.

A Patchwork Park in the Heart of L.A., by Ron Geiger
What if every region in LA had its own space in the park?

People Mover, by Alan Rosenberg
An outdoor escalator would draw people to the park from other areas of the city.

Still Motion Park, by Courtney Hukel, Kee-Hyun Nam, & Lisa Pidgen, Cal Poly Pomona Architecture
A series of paths create a network of choices and excellent people-watching opportunities for park visitors.

Transforming Surfaces & Transplanting Programming, by Lita Albuquerque, Mitchell De Jarnett & Mohamed Sharif
We propose that a new museum of the city be housed in a bar-like building hovering above Grand Avenue . . .

Transitory Los Angeles, by Mary Ann Bennett, Jennifer Keevil, Julia Ledbetter & Rosanna Salvador
A moveable movie screen, a graffitti wall and a seasonal grove contribute to a flexible park design that changes with the seasons.

Turning the Park Into a Destination, by Louise Mozingo
Though simplicity is key, we need to create reasons for people to traverse the park and treat it as a destination.