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Park of the Future 

Submitted by Studio IMC, New York

Studio IMC proposes a design for The Park of the Future: a civic space in downtown L.A. for relaxation, entertainment and open creativity. The Park of the Future is a place where people can make their mark. The Park of the Future will be an information commons and cultural hub with gardens, pavilions, sports courts, playgrounds, a public theater, and a space for free speech and political debate. The Park will promote civic participation through an overall design that integrates new media innovations such as ?green? technologies, Wi-Fi, mobile device networks, a light sculpture, an interactive fountain, and hybrid spaces that blend the virtual and the real.
Our concept blends traditional and future roles for parks. It is a traditional garden and entertainment space yet it also has a free speech space with hybrid environments that encourage creativity and blend the virtual and the real. Though free speech spaces and soap boxes for political speeches have existed in parks such as Hyde Park in London since 1872, the idea remains a fresh and largely underexploited concept that Studio IMC feels should be at the heart of all city parks. By inviting public participation, the park will become a rich forum and a vibrant hub for debate, community building, film, music and other types of civic collaboration, in addition to serving its traditional role as a forum for leisure and relaxation.