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Sustainable Criterion

Submitted by The Los Angeles &  San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council

The Watershed Council recommends that the 16 acre park slated for development as a part of the Grand Avenue Project be designed as a sustainable landscape featuring water conserving locally native plant species. We believe sustainable criterion can be incorporated into a wide variety of design approaches, and should apply whatever the final selection process.

The diverse stakeholders of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council have developed a Vision for the double watershed of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers which identifies major themes to be realized over the next 25 years. This letter speaks to the desire for a park that would be consistent with this Vision, which represents an extraordinary consensus across a broad spectrum of constituents and interests. Several of the elements in this Vision pertain to water supply, water quality, natural resources, urban quality of life, integrated resource management and environmental sustainability.

The following elements of our Vision are especially pertinent to the primary goals of the planned park:

-Using all of our water resources efficiently

-Managing the urban forest (including park lands) for water supply and quality

-Restoring habitat for native plants, fish, birds, and other beneficial wildlife

-Re-developing urban zones with opportunities for recreation, in addition to offices, shops and cafes

-Managing the watershed for economic vitality, public and environmental health and sustainability

-Creating truly livable communities

The Watershed Council, in expressing support for projects consistent with its mission and vision, does not evaluate or rank competing proposals relative to one another. The Council’s determination that a project is or is not consistent with our mission, vision and its worthiness of support does not imply that all individual agencies and organizations represented by the Council concur, or have reviewed the project.