Grand Intervention: La Alameda

Grand Avenue Intervention:
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La Alameda 

Submitted by Jason Evers, Daniel Lopez, Anthony Sponzilli & Andy Wilcox

Los Angeles is a growing city. It is safe to say that every great city throughout the world has its great urban park. The Alameda is that park for Los Angeles. The Alameda is accessible to the people of Los Angeles and it is full of everyday uses for those individuals. For the city of Los Angeles it is "the urban park" adjacent to all the cultural institutions and civic institutions, and integral to the experience of downtown. For those individuals who reside in downtown Los Angeles, The Alameda is designed to generate an everyday interaction through multiple programmatic elements, from playing chess along the edge, to reading the paper, to jogging the pathways of the park.

The concept of The Alameda is designed to be flexible and to grow and evolve with the city itself. The initial vision of The Alameda is embodied in the mural our design team created. The mural speaks of a dense edge, vast field, a horizontal void and detailed elements all interlocked in a dynamic composition. The Alameda takes on the characteristics of the mural in both physical form and organizational composition. Developing this concept further, the park was broken into five fundamental elements: the edge, the surface, the alameda, the program and the streets. Combining these fundamental elements with the ideas of seasons, succession and the intricacies of urban life, we were able to develop an inclusive strategy for the park. This strategy allows the park to evolve over time in a regenerative fashion.