Marty Kaplan Writing Archive

Lear Center director Marty Kaplan wrote a column about media, politics and pop culture, in print and online, from 2005 to early 2019. During those years, the column won six First Place prizes at the L.A. Press Club’s annual Southern California Journalism Awards. At its inception, the column was published on the home page of the Huffington Post. From 2008 through 2017, his pieces also appeared in the Jewish Journal; in 2018, the column was published by the Forward. Numerous other sites cross-posted the pieces during those years. This archive, comprising more than 400,000 words, makes that work available as pdf and (where reliable) as links.


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1/16/19I Remember ‘Aunt Carol’ ChanningThe ForwardPDF
1/1/19Here’s Why History MattersThe ForwardPDF
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12/26/18News Media Should Democratize Presidential Debates — Not Monetize ThemThe ForwardPDF
12/11/18Is This the Unacceptable Face of Disney?The ForwardPDF
11/18/18A Seder For Thanksgiving Is The Trick To A Peaceful HolidayThe ForwardPDF
10/27/18The Straight Line From 5,000 Trump Lies To 11 Jews Murdered In PittsburghThe ForwardPDF
10/11/18They Can Dogwhistle Soros, But They’re Reckoning Without PopperThe ForwardPDF
9/9/18Trust #PlaidShirtGuy To End Trump’s Nightmare ReignThe ForwardPDF
8/28/18The Suicide Epidemic Is A Symptom Of Our Sick Body PoliticThe ForwardPDF
8/22/18In The Face Of Circus Politics, We Need Better StoriesThe ForwardPDF
7/24/18Life, Death And Wrestling With Delacroix’s Angel In ParisThe ForwardPDF
6/20/18Is There Such A Thing As Evil — And Is Trump It?The ForwardPDF
6/4/18Did Michael Pollan Kill God?The ForwardPDF
5/22/18Oprah Says VoteThe ForwardPDF
5/7/18Roseanne Greets Muslim Neighbors With Islamophobia — Until This HappensThe ForwardPDF
4/25/18Local News Can Be For The People Even If It’s Not By The PeopleThe ForwardPDF
4/9/18What Bette Davis Can Teach Donald Trump About Fake NewsThe ForwardPDF
3/24/18It’s Not Cambridge Analytica We Need To Worry About, It’s Our MindsThe ForwardPDF
3/2/18If The Parkland Shooting Made You More Hopeful, You’re Not WrongThe ForwardPDF
2/14/18Of God, Dice And Fatal Car AccidentsThe ForwardPDF
1/31/18This UFO Changes EverythingThe ForwardPDF
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11/20/17Clarence Thomas Must ResignHuffington PostPDF
11/6/17The President of Stranger ThingsHuffington PostPDF
10/24/17When Bad People Happen to Good ArtHuffington PostPDF
10/9/17The God of CSI: Las VegasHuffington PostPDF
9/25/17Guilty Of Good Grammar: You’re Right And Your Right & ur riteHuffington PostPDF
9/11/17Holy HurricaneHuffington PostPDF
8/28/17This Is Your Brain On TrumpHuffington PostPDF
8/14/17Zen And The Art Of Nuclear War: Peace Of Mind In The Age Of TrumpHuffington PostPDF
8/1/17Will Kelly Last Longer Than Scaramucci?Huffington PostPDF
7/17/17Will Pence Pardon Trump?Huffington PostPDF
7/3/17‘What Is The First Word That Comes To Mind When You Think Of Donald Trump?’Huffington PostPDF
6/19/17John Thune: Hunk Hawks Hideous Health Care BillHuffington PostPDF
5/22/17The Trouble With Trump’s Tolerance TourHuffington PostPDF
5/8/17The Stigma Of The Unworthy UnhealthyHuffington PostPDF
4/24/17And On His 92nd Day, He Fired The Surgeon GeneralHuffington PostPDF
4/5/17My iPhone Is My EgyptHuffington PostPDF
3/27/17Blamer-In-Chief: The Art of the DodgeHuffington PostPDF
3/13/17Donald, Walter And The Not Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad TV NewsHuffington PostPDF
2/23/17Trump, Twitter And The So-titled Truth In An Age Of LiesHuffington PostPDF
2/13/17I Know How You Feel About TrumpHuffington PostPDF
1/30/17Waterboarding WashingtonHuffington PostPDF
1/13/17Should You Watch The Inauguration?Huffington PostPDF
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12/22/16How to Love TrumpHuffington PostPDF
12/12/16None Dare Call It TreasonHuffington PostPDF
11/28/16Trump’s White House Counsel Is Like Kryptonite To Campaign Finance ReformHuffington PostPDF
11/14/16The Prostate PresidencyHuffington PostPDF
10/31/16King Comey Is Rigging The ElectionHuffington PostPDF
10/15/16Ghosts At The Presidential DebatesHuffington PostPDF
10/5/16Who By Strangling And Who By Starbucks: The Fate Of Yom KippurHuffington PostPDF
9/19/16Trump Wins First DebateHuffington PostPDF
9/17/16Hollywood Meets the Sustainable Development GoalsHuffington PostPDF
9/6/16No News Is Good News: Why We All Need To Go To the Desert Until This Campaign Is OverHuffington PostPDF
8/22/16Trump’s Crocodile Contrition And The Cynicism Of A Political PivotHuffington PostPDF
8/8/16Managing Trump’s Anger, And MineHuffington PostPDF
7/25/16Mindful Voters, Mindless News: Trump Is A Teachable MomentHuffington PostPDF
7/14/16Is America Better Than This?Huffington PostPDF
6/27/16Forget Brexit. Remember Rain.Huffington PostPDF
6/13/16How to TragedyHuffington PostPDF
5/31/16Why Trump is Velcro, Not Teflon (and How That Helps HIm in the Age of Reality TV)Huffington PostPDF
5/16/16Let Trump Be #NeverTrumpHuffington PostPDF
4/18/16Spiritual, But Not Religious, But Not Woo-WooHuffington PostPDF
4/1/16Attention Must Be Paid (Except to Climate Change)Huffington PostPDF
3/21/16Is Campaign News Necessary?Huffington PostPDF
3/7/16I Saw Trump’s Li’l Donald. Believe Me.Huffington PostPDF
2/22/16Clinton Needs Sanders’ Single IssueHuffington PostPDF
2/8/16Being Mortal Is A B*tchHuffington PostPDF
1/25/16The Idiocy of the Iowa CaucusesHuffington PostPDF
1/11/16Professor, You’re Fired! Or, the Education of a Trump VoterHuffington PostPDF
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12/28/15The 7 Stages of Too Much Trump Media DisorderHuffington PostPDF
12/7/15The San Bernardino Terrorists’ 6-Month-OldHuffington PostPDF
11/20/15Jihadism Is Not NihilismHuffington PostPDF
11/9/15For Whom the Polls TollHuffington PostPDF
10/29/15GOP Donors to Euthanize Jeb BushHuffington PostPDF
10/26/15The Enemy of My Enemy Is My CandidateHuffington PostPDF
10/10/15Ben Carson, the Nutty NeurosurgeonHuffington PostPDF
9/28/15Cock-and-Bull CandidatesHuffington PostPDF
9/16/15Whose 5776?Huffington PostPDF
8/24/15The National Academy of SugarHuffington PostPDF
8/17/15Bernie Has It. Trump Has It. Does Hillary?Huffington PostPDF
7/20/15Republicans Have the Best BulliesHuffington PostPDF
7/6/15The Quantum Theory of Presidential PoliticsHuffington PostPDF
6/22/15Jon Stewart Is Getting SeriousHuffington PostPDF
6/3/15FCC Chief Tom Wheeler Is Five Sixths of a SuperheroHuffington PostPDF
5/26/15In Dick We TrustHuffington PostPDF
5/11/15These Two Dudes in Denver Should Moderate All the DebatesHuffington PostPDF
4/27/15The Washington Dread and Denial Association DinnerHuffington PostPDF
4/11/15Earth Day, Race Day, Gun Day, Money DayHuffington PostPDF
4/2/15Pharoah Said No. You Won’t Believe What God Did NextHuffington PostPDF
3/18/15When Emotion Trumps InformationKnight FoundationPDF
3/16/15Schmaltz Is Gluten-FreeHuffington PostPDF
3/13/15What Matters to Me and WhyJewish JournalPDF
3/1/15Spock’s ‘Good Mother’Huffington PostPDF
2/17/15Hollywood’s Necessary Not-NicenessHuffington PostPDF
1/20/15Before Your Favorite Teacher DiesHuffington PostPDF
1/13/15How Satire HappensHuffington PostPDF
1/5/15My New Favorite News Network Is Not Liberal (and Not Fox)Huffington PostPDF
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12/15/14Sony ‘R’ UsHuffington PostPDF
12/1/14God Gave This Land to ThemHuffington PostPDF
11/17/14The I-Word Isn’t Impeachment — It’s IdiocracyHuffington PostPDF
11/3/14Nightcrawler NationHuffington PostPDF
10/20/14The Facts of FearbolaHuffington PostPDF
10/6/14E-n-c-y-c-l-o-p-ae-d-i-aHuffington PostPDF
9/22/14Climate Change Will Be the Number One Issue in the 2034 Midterm ElectionsHuffington PostPDF
9/8/14Brands Make Lousy LoversHuffington PostPDF
8/25/14The News Summer From Hell and the End of OptimismHuffington PostPDF
8/6/14The Secret of Warren Bennis’ SuccessHuffington PostPDF
7/23/14If Norman Lear at 92 Is What 92 Is, I’ll Have What He’s HavingHuffington PostPDF
7/18/14Elaine Strich Tells Me a Very Funny Judy Garland StoryHuffington PostPDF
7/14/14Please Manipulate MeHuffington PostPDF
7/1/14How To Organize Your BooksHuffington PostPDF
6/16/14Five Doubting Dudes and the Holy Relics of Mount MortalityHuffington PostPDF
5/19/14Rice Determined Not to Strike in NJHuffington PostPDF
5/5/14What If We Really Knew What Media Does to UsHuffington PostPDF
4/22/14One God, One VoteHuffington PostPDF
4/7/14Why Is This Blog Different From All Other BlogsHuffington PostPDF
3/24/14This Is How You’ll Feel When the GOP Wins the SenateHuffington PostPDF
3/10/14Which Algorithm Are You?Huffington PostPDF
2/24/14Once Upon A Climate ChangeHuffington PostPDF
2/10/14The Flappy Bird of ParadiseHuffington PostPDF
The Curious Case of CriticismHuffington PostPDF
1/13/14Christie’s WeinerHuffington PostPDF
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12/30/13Confessions of an Ex-HoarderHuffington PostPDF
12/4/13Mary Poppins Does Not Come BackHuffington PostPDF
11/25/13Iran No-Spoiler AlertHuffington PostPDF
11/12/13The Obamacare Apocalypse, and the Real OneHuffington PostPDF
10/28/13No News is Bad NewsHuffington PostPDF
10/10/13Textism: Is Spelling Over?Huffington PostPDF
9/30/13This Creepy Ad Can Kill YouHuffington PostPDF
9/16/13Most Depressing Brain Finding EverHuffington PostPDF
9/1/13The Put-Up-or-Shut-Up CongressHuffington PostPDF
8/26/13Hillary, Helmets, ‘Crossfire’ and CashHuffington PostPDF
8/5/13Reaganism, Capitalism and SheilaismHuffington PostPDF
7/22/13CBS vs. Time Warner Cable vs. YouHuffington PostPDF
7/5/13David Brooks’ Own Private EgyptHuffington PostPDF
6/27/13Cable News’ Journalistic SuicideHuffington PostPDF
6/24/13Let’s Be BrazilHuffington PostPDF
6/10/13Ask your NSAHuffington PostPDF
5/27/13Diagnosis: Informed Citizen DisorderHuffington PostPDF
5/15/13The Day the Earth Stood StupidHuffington PostPDF
4/29/13Can’t We All Just Not Get Along?Huffington PostPDF
4/10/13An Apple for the AppleHuffington PostPDF
3/31/13Daddy’s Been ArrestedHuffington PostPDF
3/18/13The Bartender Who Rescued AmericaHuffington PostPDF
3/4/13Supermarkets Say: Please Don’t Buy the Crap We SellHuffington PostPDF
2/18/13How to Avoid MeteorsHuffington PostPDF
2/11/13CNN Snags First Papal Primary DebateHuffington PostPDF
2/4/13Being American Is Bad for Your HealthHuffington PostPDF
1/22/13The Post-Kumbaya PresidentHuffington PostPDF
1/3/13Fear of FunHuffington PostPDF
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12/16/12Sandy Hook, Sandy and the Politics of Learned HelplessnessHuffington PostPDF
11/28/12Two, Three, Many Grover NorquistsHuffington PostPDF
11/19/12GOP Smart on Copyright for 24 HoursHuffington PostPDF
11/4/12My Chris Christie HypocrisyHuffington PostPDF
10/18/12What Do (Suburban) Women Want?Huffington PostPDF
10/4/12How to Lose the Next DebateHuffington PostPDF
9/24/12Romney Wins First DebateHuffington PostPDF
9/7/12Dreaming of a Wave ElectionHuffington PostPDF
8/30/12Romney/Ryan and the Lullaby of LyingHuffington PostPDF
7/30/12How to Ignore the CampaignHuffington PostPDF
7/18/12It’s Not the Tax Returns – It’s the ArroganceHuffington PostPDF
7/16/12Why Kim Loves DisneyHuffington PostPDF
7/1/12Ambushed by OptimismHuffington PostPDF
6/18/12The End Is Nigh. Seriously.Huffington PostPDF
6/4/12God Loves David BrooksHuffington PostPDF
5/21/12The Audacity of WTFHuffington PostPDF
5/5/12Don’t Know Much About HistoryHuffington PostPDF
4/23/12Exorcising Orrin HatchHuffington PostPDF
4/9/12You Don’t Mean a Thing If You Ain’t Got That SwingHuffington PostPDF
3/26/12Ask Her When She’s SoberHuffington PostPDF
3/12/12Is Luck Dead?Huffington PostPDF
2/27/12Harvard, Santorum and the One-State SolutionHuffington PostPDF
2/13/12Political March MadnessHuffington PostPDF
1/30/12Don’t Be NakedHuffington PostPDF
1/16/12Tim Tebow Is JewishHuffington PostPDF
1/3/12Campaign ColonicsHuffington PostPDF
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12/16/11Newt Winked At MeHuffington PostPDF
12/16/11China’s Christian Bale PR NightmareHuffington PostPDF
12/2/11Warning: Political Ads Make You StupidHuffington PostPDF
11/21/11Students: Cockroaches or Dirty Hippies?Huffington PostPDF
11/14/11Keeping Up With The KandidatesHuffington PostPDF
10/31/11How Occupy Will EndHuffington PostPDF
10/17/11Obama-Romney for PresidentHuffington PostPDF
10/3/11Occupy K StreetHuffington PostPDF
9/19/11Letting Animals VoteHuffington PostPDF
9/6/11What Happened to AmericaHuffington PostPDF
7/25/11What Story Is the Murdoch Story?Huffington PostPDF
7/11/11The ‘Obama’s Brilliant Strategy’ TheoryHuffington PostPDF
6/27/11Pessimism Is The Last TabooHuffington PostPDF
5/27/11If Bachmann and Palin Weren’t PrettyHuffington PostPDF
5/26/11Working for Women in the SignetHarvard CrimsonPDF
5/13/11Who’s Afraid of a Countdown Clock?Huffington PostPDF
5/2/11Our Friend Pakistan and the Other Mental PretzelsHuffington PostPDF
4/14/11The Naked NielsensHuffington PostPDF
4/3/11Moses, Media Piracy and the MPAAHuffington PostPDF
3/21/11The More You Watch, the Worse You FeelHuffington PostPDF
3/7/11Al Jazeera English vs. The Charlie Sheen ChannelHuffington PostPDF
2/21/11The Monsters are Due on Maple StreetHuffington PostPDF
2/4/11Mitt Romney’s South Park PrimaryHuffington PostPDF
1/24/11My Favorite BlowhardHuffington PostPDF
1/9/11The Vitriol VitriolHuffington PostPDF
1/8/11The ‘Lock and Load’ Rhetoric of American Politics Isn’t Just a MetaphorHuffington PostPDF
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12/20/10The Senators Who Dissed Baby JesusHuffington PostPDF
12/6/10My Declaration of IndependentsHuffington PostPDF
11/22/10I Take Israel PersonallyHuffington PostPDF
11/15/10Is it Audacity Time Yet?Huffington PostPDF
10/28/10The Question That Answers Everything About the Election (and America, Too)Huffington PostPDF
10/13/10Waiting for JewmanJewish JournalPDF
10/13/10Waiting for Sanityman: Can Jon Stewart Save America?Huffington PostPDF
9/27/10The Scary Staleness of Truth TellingHuffington PostPDF
9/13/10In Politics, Two Negatives Don’t Make a PositiveHuffington PostPDF
8/30/10They Have Us Over a BarrelHuffington PostPDF
8/16/10Just Like the Internet You See in the MoviesHuffington PostPDF
8/2/10The Best of All Possible AmericasHuffington PostPDF
7/20/10Thank You, Robert GibbsHuffington PostPDF
7/20/10Breitbart’s Site Has Video of Kagan Saying She’s A CommieHuffington PostPDF
7/5/10Springtime for SchmucksHuffington PostPDF
6/21/10The Real Shakedown to Apologize ForHuffington PostPDF
6/7/10Tom Friedman Wants to Raise Your TaxesHuffington PostPDF
5/10/10What We “Need to Know” About PBS After MoyersHuffington PostPDF
4/26/10The End of Hollywood as We Know ItHuffington PostPDF
3/26/10How Dumb Do They Think (Know) We AreHuffington PostPDF
3/15/10I Got the Broadcast BluesHuffington PostPDF
3/1/10The Lies and Reconciliation CommissionHuffington PostPDF
2/16/10Side Effects Include DenialHuffington PostPDF
1/21/10Why Are Republicans Better Storytellers?Huffington PostPDF
1/18/10Thank You, Norman LearHuffington PostPDF
1/4/10Mercury Is PoisonHuffington PostPDF
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12/14/09Barack Obama Is A TraitorHuffington PostPDF
11/30/09Lord of the GingersHuffington PostPDF
11/16/09Bra Helps Fight Breast CancerHuffington PostPDF
11/2/09If You Liked Health Care, You’ll Love AfghanistanHuffington PostPDF
10/5/09How Would the Right Know It’s Wrong?Huffington PostPDF
9/23/09I Want to Know What Happens NextHuffington PostPDF
9/14/09The 60 Questions of Our LifeHuffington PostPDF
8/24/09Kumbaya, Not Kevorkian, Will Kill GrannyHuffington PostPDF
8/10/09Smile! You’re on Deather CameraHuffington PostPDF
8/3/09Mobs R Us?Huffington PostPDF
7/30/09The Best Speech I Ever WroteHuffington PostPDF
7/27/09My Daughter, the Best-Selling NovelistHuffington PostPDF
7/13/09Cheney Meant WellHuffington PostPDF
7/6/09The Importance of Being MichaelHuffington PostPDF
6/8/09Health Care ScareHuffington PostPDF
5/26/09Sonia’s Wiki WonderHuffington PostPDF
5/18/09It’s Tough Love Time for ObamaHuffington PostPDF
4/20/09Bye Bye BybeeHuffington PostPDF
4/6/09The Virtue of HateHuffington PostPDF
3/24/09The Upside of OutrageHuffington PostPDF
3/12/09Viral Spiral with David Bollier & Marty KaplanYouTube
3/9/09The Stem Stem Cell Slippery Slope FallacyHuffington PostPDF
2/23/09Solidarity For NeverHuffington PostPDF
2/16/09The Media Are the MessageHuffington PostPDF
2/9/09Patriotic ExtortionHuffington PostPDF
2/2/09Compassion FatigueHuffington PostPDF
1/26/09Liberal Parents, Liberal ChildrenHuffington PostPDF
1/20/09The Science of Forty-FourHuffington PostPDF
1/12/09The CNN-NPR-NY Times Middle East ConspiracyHuffington PostPDF
1/5/09Eyeless in GazaHuffington PostPDF
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12/30/08Once in a LifetimeHuffington PostPDF
12/22/08Center-Right Hype vs. Center-Left DataHuffington PostPDF
12/15/08Broadband: Not for Kids OnlyHuffington PostPDF
12/10/08All’s Well That Ends ZellHuffington PostPDF
12/2/08All The News That’s Fit To NeuterHuffington PostPDF
11/11/08The Kids Are All RightHuffington PostPDF
11/5/08Let Bygones (Not) Be BygonesHuffington PostPDF
10/27/08Move Over, Willie HortonHuffington PostPDF
10/19/08R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Colin PowellHuffington PostPDF
10/15/08The Faces of John McCainHuffington PostPDF
10/13/08Alan ShruggedHuffington PostPDF
10/6/08Gotcha? You Betcha!Huffington PostPDF
9/28/08The Debates Won’t MatterHuffington PostPDF
9/19/08Meet the Purples! Decoding the DNA of the Swing VoterHuffington PostPDF
9/17/08One-Day UJewish JournalPDF
9/17/08The Stigma of EducationHuffington PostPDF
9/11/08Post-Palin DepressionHuffington PostPDF
9/10/08Impeach McCain/PalinHuffington PostPDF
9/2/08How Will the Right Try to Destroy Dr. Philip Butler?Huffington PostPDF
9/1/08The Hollywood Candidate Is Not ObamaHuffington PostPDF
8/29/08Peggy Noonan and the Two-Headed Bowling Ball ChildHuffington PostPDF
8/29/08President PalinHuffington PostPDF
8/26/08Why Don’t They Just Issue Swami Turbans at MSNBC?Huffington PostPDF
8/25/08“But He’s a Muslim!”Huffington PostPDF
8/22/08The Cut-and-Runners Have Won, and They’re Bush/CheneyHuffington PostPDF
8/21/08Happy Birthday to MeHuffington PostPDF
8/19/08Will Someone Please Make Obama Watch the McCain Version of the Karina DVD?Huffington PostPDF
8/14/08In the Quest for ‘The God Particle,’ Mystics Get a New MachineHuffington PostPDF
8/12/08Say It Ain’t Jew, JoeHuffington PostPDF
8/11/08George W. Bush Is to Georgia as George H.W. Bush Is to KurdistanHuffington PostPDF
8/6/08Welcome to the Orwell OlympicsHuffington PostPDF
8/5/08Why Americans Hate Journalism, Part 62Huffington PostPDF
8/1/08McCain: MLK and RFK Were Dumb BlondesHuffington PostPDF
7/31/08On Having Your (Political) Heart Broken – the Edwards ScandalHuffington PostPDF
7/28/08What Is It About George W. Bush That Makes You Want to Serve Him?Huffington PostPDF
7/23/08Ich bin ein AmerikanerHuffington PostPDF
7/20/08Beyond SickoHuffington PostPDF
7/14/08The Los Angeles BagelsHuffington PostPDF
7/3/08Bush to EPA: ‘Hi. Thanks for Writing. Between Now and January 20, I won’t Have Access to Email’Huffington PostPDF
7/3/08The Next President’s GumsHuffington PostPDF
6/28/08Bush Gives Dems STDsHuffington PostPDF
6/25/08Ice on Mars: Good for the Jews?Jewish JournalPDF
5/28/08Hitler Aides Puzzled, Saddened by von Stauffenberg Assassination AttemptHuffington PostPDF
4/27/08What Kind of Park Does LA Need?LA TimesPDF
4/16/08Where is the League of Women Voters When We Need Them?Huffington PostPDF
3/16/08My Goat Ate the EconomyHuffington PostPDF
3/9/08It’s All My FaultHuffington PostPDF
3/4/08Why Has Joe Scarborough Rolled Up His Sleeves?Huffington PostPDF
3/2/08Torture Is MagicHuffington PostPDF
2/24/08RalphingHuffington PostPDF
2/17/08Washington, Lincoln, BushHuffington PostPDF
2/15/08FISA Is Ratings PoisonHuffington PostPDF
2/10/08How To Make Love To A SuperdelegateHuffington PostPDF
2/7/08Romney Loans Clinton $30 Million, Citing Bin LadenHuffington PostPDF
2/3/08It Depends on What Meaning of ‘Win’ WinsHuffington PostPDF
1/27/08State of the OutrageHuffington PostPDF
1/21/08Karl Rove Will Be Your Graduation SpeakerHuffington PostPDF
1/8/08An Inconvenient ResurrectionHuffington PostPDF
1/6/08Reading Bill Kristol’s MindHuffington PostPDF
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12/30/07I Know Who’s Going to WinHuffington PostPDF
12/27/07And Now, The Saddam Snuff ShowHuffington PostPDF 
12/26/07Three Reasons to Kill YourselfHuffington PostPDF 
12/23/07Makin’ a List, Checkin’ It TwiceHuffington PostPDF 
12/16/07Is Huckabee The Antichrist?Huffington PostPDF 
12/9/07Oprah Is To Iraq As Cronkite Was To VietnamHuffington PostPDF 
12/6/07Romney Says Nothing; Other Candidates Demand Equal TimeHuffington PostPDF 
12/2/07President Giuliani. President Romney. President Huckabee. President Just-Shoot-MeHuffington PostPDF
12/1/07Time Warner: Brown Is The New GayHuffington PostPDF
11/30/07CNN: Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice To DeceiveHuffington PostPDF
11/28/07CNN Flack Sez I’m Pretty InfuriatingHuffington PostPDF
11/20/07Rescuing NewspapersNew York TimesPDF
11/20/07Conglomerates Gone Wild (My Seven-Part Video Epic)Huffington PostPDF
11/18/07The Narrative NarrativeHuffington PostPDF
11/13/07Your FCC At WorkHuffington PostPDF
11/11/07Tell Me What You Watch (And Listen To, and Read), And I’ll Tell You How You VoteHuffington PostPDF
11/8/07The Suicide Strategy (Not)Huffington PostPDF
11/4/07How To Bring America Together (Or, The Idiocy of National Unity)Huffington PostPDF
10/31/07Rudy’s Prostate PaloozaHuffington PostPDF
10/28/07No Blood for No OilHuffington PostPDF
10/21/07Soros or MurdochHuffington PostPDF
10/14/07The Pet ConstitutionHuffington PostPDF
10/9/07George & Andrea & Fred & VomitHuffington PostPDF
10/7/07Ask Dana PerinoHuffington PostPDF
9/30/07Mr. Justice Whoop-dee-damn-dooHuffington PostPDF
9/23/07My Media FastHuffington PostPDF
9/13/07The Magnificent 37Huffington PostPDF
9/9/07This Is The Week When Nothing Will HappenHuffington PostPDF
9/7/07When Generals LieHuffington PostPDF
8/29/07Senator Craig I AmHuffington PostPDF
8/27/07Bye Bye ‘Berto’Huffington PostPDF
8/26/07T4: The PostpartisanatorHuffington PostPDF
8/22/07Vietnam. Watergage. What’s Next – Disco?Huffington PostPDF
8/19/07The Truths Rove ToldHuffington PostPDF
8/12/07I See Dead PeopleHuffington PostPDF
8/8/07Our Years of Magical ThinkingHuffington PostPDF
7/29/07After The Next 9/11Huffington PostPDF
7/11/07I Believe For Every Drop Of Rain That Falls, A Flower GrowsHuffington PostPDF
7/5/07Worse Than LibbyHuffington PostPDF
7/3/07Constitutional SmackdownHuffington PostPDF
7/2/07Commuter-in-ChiefHuffington PostPDF
6/29/07You Can’t Impeach Me, I’m DelusionalHuffington PostPDF
6/27/07Bong Hits 4 BushHuffington PostPDF
6/20/07Reaming College RankingsHuffington PostPDF
6/13/07Watch Mr. WizardHuffington PostPDF
6/7/07Paris Is Push; Baghdad Is PullHuffington PostPDF
6/5/07Pardon MeHuffington PostPDF
5/31/07Ask Mr. MediaHuffington PostPDF
5/23/07Oedipus WrecksHuffington PostPDF
5/18/07Kill Illegals: StudyHuffington PostPDF
5/16/07Did Jerry Falwell Go To Hell?Huffington PostPDF
5/9/07It’s The Constitution, StupidHuffington PostPDF
5/3/07Would Rupert Murdoch Have Let The WSJ Lead With This?Huffington PostPDF
4/25/07These Are The Final DaysHuffington PostPDF
4/18/07ATTENTION! SICKNESS! and Attention SicknessHuffington PostPDF
4/11/07Either Imus Goes, Or Gonzales GoesHuffington PostPDF
4/9/07MSM Voluntary Code Of Conduct And Badges of ApprovalHuffington PostPDF
4/4/07Don’t Try This Thought Experiment At HomeHuffington PostPDF
4/1/07Donate Your Personal Tragedy to the White HouseHuffington PostPDF
3/30/07Kyle Sampson’s Ten Reasons Why Monica Goodling Doesn’t Need to Plead the FifthHuffington PostPDF
3/28/07Outing Homo PomoHuffington PostPDF
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1/4/07You’ve Got Mail. No, THEY’VE Got Mail. No, They’ve Got YOUR Mail.Huffington PostPDF
1/3/07Talk Broder, Walk GingrichHuffington PostPDF
1/2/07Alternate History: NSFWHuffington PostPDF
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10/6/06In Which, Like Speaker Hastert, I Take ResponsibilityHuffington PostPDF
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3/28/06W Chews Off-the-Record Fat with MSM; Democracy Gets Heart DiseaseHuffington PostPDF
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1/22/06The Two HowiesHuffington PostPDF
1/3/06The Lobbyist in the MineshaftHuffington PostPDF
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