Dumbing Down?

Marty Kaplan, Lear Center Director, at the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles


Lear Center director Marty Kaplan explores the place of museums’ messages in our attention economy in his keynote at the 2017 Communicating the Museum conference in Los Angeles.


Whether communicating culture, critical issues, or marketing, museums compete for audiences who are already barraged by information and entertainment. If engagement is the gold standard for communication, if impact is its mission, then attention is its currency. Marty Kaplan’s keynote explores the place of museums’ messages in the attention economy we all inhabit, for better and worse.


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Marty Kaplan is the Norman Lear Professor of Entertainment, Media and Society at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. His uncommonly broad career has also spanned government and politics, the entertainment industry and journalism.

He served as chief speechwriter to Vice President Walter F. Mondale, and also as… LEARN MORE

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