Science & Cocktails: Does Media Affect How We See the World? with Johanna Blakley

How do media messages affect us? Can media storytelling – whether factual or fictional – affect how we see the world? Can stories change the way we lead their lives? What role does emotion play in this? And how do we measure that?

The Lear Center has generated media impact studies for 16 years, and, with the founding of its Media Impact Project five years ago, the Center expanded its focus from scripted TV to news, documentaries, narrative films, online video projects, and virtual reality.

At this Science and Cocktails Foundation event, Lear Center managing director Johanna Blakley will explain the “entertainment education” model that they used in their Hollywood, Health & Society program which bridges the gap between health experts and TV storytellers, as well as their work on the Media Impact Project, which develops and gathers best practices in media impact assessment.

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